To Get a Quote:
Go to www.totaleventinsurance.com and follow these simple instructions:
1) Click on the “Start Here” button and enter your information into the form. You will be emailed a temporary password to use when logging in.
2) Click on “Apply for a quote”.
3) Choose “Weather Insurance” as the product type.
4) Choose “Wedding Weather – Big Day Umbrella” as the application type.
5) Answer all of the questions which will include the venue name and address, the event date, timeframe (afternoon or evening) and the amount to insure.
6) You will be given options for the hours of coverage (3 or 6 hours) and the rainfall amount with the premium amounts for each.

To Purchase Coverage:
If you are not already logged in, go to www.totaleventinsurance.com and login and then follow these steps:
1) Click on “My Activity” and your quote will be listed there.
2) Click on the quote and it will bring you to the “Quote Review” page.
3) Choose the option you want to insure and click on the “Buy Now” button on the bottom of the screen which will bring you to the Quote Summary page.
4) If everything looks ok, then click on the “Continue to Checkout” button on the bottom of the screen.
5) On the checkout page you can either pay by credit card or underneath that section you will see a link for “Alternative Payment Options” which will allow you to pay by check or bank wire. Keep in mind that if you pay by check, the policy will not be completed until we receive payment.
6) If you pay by credit card, your policy will automatically bind and you will be able to print out the certificate immediately.

QUESTIONS? Email us at service@totaleventinsurance.com
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